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Inhibition of the aberrant myotatic reflex of the hip when applying Magnetic Tape on scar behind ear

It has been a great success to share Magnetic Tape® experiences with physiotherapists, doctors, health professionals interested in new advances in physiotherapy. It was an opportunity to demonstrate the immediate effects of Magnetic Tape®, the revolutionary bandage in physiotherapy.In this Superficial Neuromodulation® workshop using Magnetic Tape® at FISIOEXPO-2022, we prioritize the assessment and treatment of […]

Inhibición del reflejo miotático aberrante de cadera al aplicar Magnetic Tape en cicatriz oreja.

Ha sido todo un éxito compartir experiencias de Magnetic Tape® con fisioterapeutas, médicos, profesionales de la salud interesados en los nuevos avances en la fisioterapia. Ha sido una oportunidad para demostrar los efectos inmediatos de Magnetic Tape®, la venda revolucionaria en la fisioterapia.En este taller de Neuromodulación Superficial® aplicando Magnetic Tape® en FISIOEXPO-2022, priorizamos la […]

The advancements Magnetic Tape® has made in media

The progress made by Magnetic Tape®, in Antena 3 Weekend News with Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo These magnetic bandages are a pioneering tool that has been researched and developed at the University of Valencia by Dr. Francisco Selva and is helping to alleviate the consequences suffered by patients who have had the Coronavirus. It […]

Improved treatments due to the influence of therapies on the epidermal cells


When performing any treatment in which the patient is moved, compressed, tractioned, rubbed or electrically or magnetically stimulated either with our hands or with machinery, we do not only act on the painful structures of the musculoskeletal system on which we intend to have an impact. Vascularization, fascia, nerves and viscera are also influenced. The […]

Our experts speak: Answering questions from the 2nd webinar

MagneticTape®, a key tool to improve Joint Stability. In the last masterclass given by Dr. Luis del Aguila and Dr. Francisco Selva we talked about how influencing strength and ROM is essential to achieve a correct Joint Stability. In this way, injuries can be prevented and painful musculoskeletal symptoms improved. All this can be achieved […]

Scientific Evidence vs. Science (part II)

evidencia científica vs ciencia

Do you use these expressions? «The Scientific Evidence on a given topic says that…», «There is a lack of Scientific Evidence to show that…», «More Scientific Evidence is needed to clarify the effects of…», «More Science is needed to better understand the effects of….» Taking into account that each patient is different due to their […]

Scientific Evidence vs. Science (part I)

Evidencia científica

Each patient’s experience is different, so trauma, tissue stress, pathologies, hydration or nutrition problems, as well as the scars suffered by each patient, generate alterations in epidermal neuronal signaling that cause abnormal sensory transmission and unique fascial force vectors in each individual that may impair the ability of each individual’s body to adapt to a […]

Our experts speak: Answering questions from the first webinar

Properties of Magnetic Tape® During the presentation session of the innovative Magnetic Tape® bandage last January, it was not possible to answer all the questions that our attendees asked our experts. Therefore, we wanted to clarify all your doubts and share them with all of you here: Q1: What is triple-blind research? R1: To understand […]

Improve the results of your physiotherapy treatments with Magnetic Tape®.

Developed in Spain since 2015, an innovative tool has been created for to enhance the results of the treatments performed in physiotherapy on a daily basis. Suitable for use in all phases of therapeutic action; prevention, recovery, readaptation and performance for all athletes and patients at any place and time. Magnetic Tape® is designed to […]

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