Improve the results of your physiotherapy treatments with Magnetic Tape®.

Developed in Spain since 2015, an innovative tool has been created for to enhance the results of the treatments performed in physiotherapy on a daily basis. Suitable for use in all phases of therapeutic action; prevention, recovery, readaptation and performance for all athletes and patients at any place and time.

Magnetic Tape® is designed to provide solutions and help improve symptoms or resolve different musculoskeletal dysfunctions, taking into account the origin of each one of them, whether traumatic, non-traumatic, local, peripheral or referred. Its application is completely painless, non-invasive and of immediate effect in most cases with pathology or dysfunction. It can be used exclusively or as an adjuvant to other treatments necessary for the patient’s recovery, enhancing the effects of currently used therapies.

«Any sufficiently advanced technology is totally indistinguishable from magic.»

One of the most famous quotes of the three laws formulated by the British writer Arthur C. Clarke related to scientific progress.

The effects of MagneticTape® look like magic, but it’s science. The electromagnetic field acts as the vehicle to induce the flow of ions (physical ionization) and does not stimulate the nerve tissue itself as electrical stimulation does directly. However, once the flow of ions is created, the mechanism of electrical and magnetic stimulation at the neural level is the same, producing axon depolarization and the initiation of the action potential.

The skin is the largest sensory organ in the body and is highly innervated. The nerve fibers it contains are the dendritic tips of sensory neurons whose cell bodies are found in the dorsal root ganglia.

The revolutionary adhesive bandage Magnetic Tape®, designed to facilitate the process of metameric normalization, appears on the market in the health and wellness sector, becoming the great ally of physiotherapists.

Magnetic Tape® was officially presented at the first webinar held last Thursday, January 21. During the sessionFrancisco Selva and Vicente Alepuz gave a master class presenting the innovative adhesive bandage with magnetic particles; What is Magnetic Tape® and how did it come about? what are its properties and how does it work? were some of the many topics discussed during the event.

If you missed the session you can re-watch the entire event here:

Webinar 01/21/21 MagneticTape® Presentation
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