Inhibition of the aberrant myotatic reflex of the hip when applying Magnetic Tape on scar behind ear

It has been a great success to share Magnetic Tape® experiences with physiotherapists, doctors, health professionals interested in new advances in physiotherapy. It was an opportunity to demonstrate the immediate effects of Magnetic Tape®, the revolutionary bandage in physiotherapy.
In this Superficial Neuromodulation® workshop using Magnetic Tape® at FISIOEXPO-2022, we prioritize the assessment and treatment of the CNS before the PNS. Therefore, the effects are immediate.
Epidermal scars are wounds over the Central Nervous System since the epidermis comes from the ectoderm like the brain.
Their assessment and treatment is considered a priority. It does not matter where the scar is and where the pain is felt.
Applying Magnetic Tape® on the scars (CNS) and acting on the cutaneous nerves will improve the symptoms of perceived pain (PNS).

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