Our experts speak: Answering questions from the first webinar

Properties of Magnetic Tape®

During the presentation session of the innovative Magnetic Tape® bandage last January, it was not possible to answer all the questions that our attendees asked our experts. Therefore, we wanted to clarify all your doubts and share them with all of you here:

Q1: What is triple-blind research?

R1: To understand what a triple-blind test is, the first thing to explain is the difference between double-blind and triple-blind. Double-blind research is when neither the patient nor the therapist knows whether the bandage being applied is experimental or placebo. In the case of a triple-blind test, this is when the statistic is summed. This is told «tape 1» or «tape 2» to elaborate the experiment and record the results without knowing which is the experimental or placebo bandage.

Q2: Is the electromagnetic effect modified if I apply cream or spray to the patient?

R2: In principle, the sale should be applied on shaved skin and it is not necessary to do much lengthening when placing it on the patient. In any case, not enough tests have been carried out on spray, but in principle it would not be necessary to use spray.

Q3: When the bandage is removed, is the metamere still normalized?

R3: There are only two options to follow or not to follow. If the metamere is still normalized, it means that this was the right place to put it and long enough. If the metamere is not standardized, it may be that either it was not the right place where it was applied, or that it was the right place or places, but not for long enough.

Q4: Is it necessary to apply a magnet for Magnetic Tape® to work?

R4: the Magnetic Tape® formulation works as soon as it comes into contact with the electromagnetic fields of the skin, it does not need a magnet to work. In the video presentation of Magnetic Tape® properties, a magnet, which is also an electromagnetic field and is much stronger, is approached to appreciate its reaction. The objective is to show that it is not a conventional bandage, but has particles with properties that work when in contact with a magnet, the electromagnetic field produced by the skin is very low and would not be appreciated in the same way.

Q5: How long should the patient wear the bandage?

R5: That’s the million-dollar question. It depends on each patient, so it is necessary to test, retest and retest again. It is necessary to follow the NMS® Superficial Neuromodulation system and treatment and to test and retest. Each individual is different, and you will have to find out the answer for yourselves with each of your patients. The patient should wear the bandage until it has been removed and is well maintained. It is then when the bandage is no longer necessary.

Q6: Have you tested it in neurological meanings?

R6: No, it has not been tested yet. The bandage has been on the market for a relatively short time. Being such a new product, there are still many benefits to be discovered. For now, all studies have been conducted on people with low back pain.

Q7: How long can we take to test and retest and then continue with other treatments in the session?

R7: The procedure is very mechanical: the patient is tested, Magnetic Tape® is placed where necessary and re-tested immediately because its effect is immediate. When we have normalized what we have found, we can start therapy and perform other treatments in the same session.

Q8: Does it lose effectiveness over days or does it peel off when showering?

R8: As with all adhesive bandages, as soon as it comes into contact with some grease, our own grease, or when showering or after many movements, its adhesive strength decreases. The good thing about Magnetic Tape® is that it does not need to be stretched when it is applied to a patient. As it is placed with little or no elongation, the tension created is very low and therefore its effectiveness lasts for several days. Of course, as time goes by, it decreases, but we would be talking about from the fourth or fifth day of its placement.

Q9: Would it be suitable for hypersensitized scars?

R9: Of course. Yes, it would be highly recommended. Moreover, it is the next avenue of research that we want to open because it has already been demonstrated that its application on scars produces a very significant change.

Q10: In the studies you have conducted, did you apply the placebo tape you used without tension in the same way as Magnetic Tape®?

YES, in the investigations we have carried out both the experimental bandage which was MagneticTape® and the placebo bandage, both were placed without any tension. Rather than without tension it would be correct to say without any elongation that creates any tension. In addition, during the trials both bandages (experimental and placebo) were black, there was no drawing.

We invite you to our next appointment on Thursday, February 25 at 20:30h (CET) for a new webinar. MagneticTape®: a key tool to improve joint stability.

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